Analytics for September 2017

Analytics for September 2017.

In September the total volume of trades in all sectors has made 405,8 million soms, there were 109 transactions with corporate securities of 34 companies and government securities. The highest activity was observed in sections of the primary auction, in September, placed three types of securities: government Treasury bonds and notes, stocks and corporate bonds, preobladali shares, as a result, the sector significantly exceeded those of August, while the share of trading volume in the primary market in September amounted to 98% of the total. In the secondary market has developed the opposite problem, as a result of lower volume of transactions with shares and bonds of companies sector declined by 59%.

Primary market: the total trading volume of the primary market in September was 401,2 million kgs registered 49 deals.

Government securities: the primary market was held on 3 trades on placement of Government securities for a total amount of 1.5 million som, of which 2 are government Treasury bonds with maturity of 2 and 5 years, 1 STB transaction with a maturity of 12 months.

Corporate securities: the 46 transactions in the amount 399,7 million soms conducted with corporate securities. 85% of the trading volume in the primary sector took 2 trades on placement of additional share issues of JSC “State insurance company” and JSC “RPO rmtr”. Shares of the third additional issue of “GEO” was placed on the amount of 50.0 million soms at the price of 100 som for instance. Shares of the third issue of JSC “RPO rmtr” placed on the amount to 289.2 million soms at the price of kgs 1 000 per copy, according to the companies after the transaction, shares in the amount of 99.9% owned by OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”.

Bonds in September were placed by two companies: JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” and JSC Microfinance company “Alma Credit”. Trading house “Min Turkun” set a record in terms of placement of bonds of the second issue for the month, placing the paper in the amount of 57.7 million soms. Compared with August, the volume increased by 84% and as of end of September not posted was only 561 bonds. The excess amount was observed for the bonds “Alma Credit” by 13.8% in September bond companies was sold for the sum of 2.8 million kgs.

Secondary market: during the period under review recorded 60 deals amounting to 4.6 million kgs. More than a million som was deal with common OJSC “Financial company of credit unions”,the amount of 1.9 million soms, and the value of shares in the transactions were recorded in the range from 1.05 to 1.21 kgs. Volume can also be selected deal with ordinary shares of JSC “Azamat” in the amount of 0.4 million som and deal with ordinary shares of OJSC “Mayak” in the amount of 0.3 million kgs.

Shares of strathspey in September was 21 deals worth 1.4 million som, including transactions with shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset”, OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, JSC “Manas international airport”, JSC “Severelektro”, JSC “Deskargatzen” and JSC “Oshelectro”. According to the results of trades the positive dynamics of prices showed stocks “Bishkekteploset” (+0.02 C.), “MOTHERS” (+6s.), “ES” (+0,15 C) and Kyrgyzneftegaz (+1,45 S.). Negatively ended the month shares of Severelektro (-0,10 S.) and “Jalalabadelectro” (p. -0,01). Has not changed in the share price “Kyrgyztelecom”, “vostokelektro”, “Nazca” and “Oshelectro”.