Analytics for December 2016

Analytics for December 2016.

The total volume of transactions registered on the trading platform of the Kyrgyz stock exchange in December 2016 made 63,17 million soms, across all sectors, there were 127 transactions with securities of more than 30 companies. Relative to November, the volume decreased by 159 million soms, mainly as a result of lower trading activity in the shares in the section of the secondary market (-93,7%)

-a number of companies reported on the payment of dividends on shares for 2015; -20% increase in the share of the majority shareholder of JSC”Approach”; -OJSC “Manas international airport” liquidated subsidiary company “Aalam Service”; energy and distribution, the company transferred the shares in the authorized capital of “Kazenergonaladka” in December has scheduled an extraordinary shareholders meetings, the main issues on the agenda which relate to amending the Charter, approving the budget, the re-election of the Board of Directors and the audit Commission.

Secondary market. Trading volume on the secondary market in December amounted to 12.75 million soms, there were 64 deals. Among the transactions with shares of the company over a million results: 55% of the secondary market made the deal with 20% of ordinary shares of JSC “Approach” which OsOO “Inmates” became the owner of 1 553 956 shares which 87,84% in the share capital of the company. The transaction was at a price of par value in the amount of 20 catfish per share for a total amount of 7.08 million soms. The transaction in the amount of 1.01 million soms were recorded in common shares of OJSC “Financial company of credit unions” in which the value of shares increased to 1.12 kgs (+0,12 S.) 15 transactions were registered with ordinary shares of strategic companies , including OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, JSC “Manas international airport”, JSC “Severelektro”, JSC “vostokelectro”, JSC “Jalalabatelectro” and JSC Kyrgyzneftegaz, the total amount of trading which amounted to 1.58 million soms. Of these transactions the largest share of trades recorded in the transactions with shares of JSC “international airport Manas”, the amount of trading which amounted to 1.04 million som, and the market value of the shares was in the hallway from 67 to 71,50 som. The volume can allocate and deal with ordinary shares of JSC Kyrgyzneftegaz in the amount of 0,54 million soms, the stock price remained at the same level 36 som for instance. Transactions in shares of Telecom, Severelektro, vostokelektro and Jalalabadelectro was with little trading volume , but increase in value: shares “Telecom” has grown in value 0.30 catfish, finishing the month with a value of 3.80 catfish stock “Severelektro”, “vostokelektro and Jalalabadelectro” at the end of the month added to 0.01 soma price amounting to 0.39 in som, and som 0,06 0,06 kgs respectively.