Trading information for the period from 5 to 9 June 2017.

For the last trading period in the trading system of KSE was registered on 15 transactions totaling $ 8.3 million som in securities 7 companies. All transactions conducted in the corporate sector of trading. In the primary market have passed auctions on placing of corporate bonds, due to the increase in sales of bond Trading house “Min Turkun”, held on 6 deals, in which 229 sold 3 bonds at a price of 1,000 kgs in the amount of 3.2 million soms respectively. Compared to the previous period, sales of bonds of the company increased by 46%. The growth of trade in the secondary market amounted to 98%, in this sector increased trading volume as shares and bonds of companies, the greatest impact on the trading results of the secondary sector had a deal with bonds of CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank”, which took 99% of the volume of the sector by making a deal in the amount of 5.0 million kgs at a price of 1,000 kgs. 5 transactions in the sector registered with the securities strathspey, 1 of which shares of OJSC “Bishkekteploset”, 3 transactions with shares of JSC “Kyrgyztelecom” and 1 deal with the shares of JSC “Severelektro”. As a result of the transactions shares “Bishkekteploset” dropped in price to 0.17 som (-0,03 S.), of shares of Severelektro also showed a decrease in prices to 0.32 kgs (-0,08 S.), and shares of “Kyrgyztelecom” showed growth, according to the last deal of the week price of the shares was 4.37 kgs, an increase of 0.37 kgs. Shares of JSC “Uchkun” became the leader of growth and the fall in the value of the week. The top gainers were preferred shares of the companies 1 the transaction which was carried out at the price of kgs 15,10 per share, for the previous transaction that was recorded in 2008, the share price increased by 11,10 som. Common shares of the company became the leader of falling of cost of period with them were also recorded 1 transaction price 15,10 som per share, but to the previous transaction in 2014, the share price fell by 4.9 kgs. 1 transaction on the secondary market were conducted with 10 ordinary shares of JSC “Salaam” for the price of 5 kgs for instance.

The sector listing.

almost 100% of the fixed deals conducted by listed securities, 7 of which transactions with shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset”, OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, JSC “Severelektro”, JSC “Uchkun” totaling 0.03 million kgs and 7 transactions in corporate bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” and CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank” for a total amount of 8.2 million kgs. The total volume of trades in listed securities for the week amounted to 8.23 million soms.