Trading information for the period from 3 to July 7, 2017.

C 3 to 7 June in the trade system of KASE was 32 deals with securities of 12 companies for a total of 28.5 million soms. The previous period volume of trading fell by 44%, influenced by reducing the volume of placement of shares on primary market, and the reduction in the volume of transactions with bonds on the secondary market. By types of securities was dominated by transactions with corporate bonds, due to the significant increase in the volume of bonds placement trading house “Min Turkun”. The leader in trading volume as a result of transactions with bonds “Min Turkun” was the sector listing.

Unlike earlier periods, when placed additional editions of the issues of the banks, the past was more concise, was recorded transactions only with the placement of corporate bonds Trading house “Min Turkun”, the total placement volume amounted to 24.2 million kgs, the maximum amount per trading period for the bonds of the first and second editions. Compared to the previous period volume increased by 93%, according to the results, for one trading week, the company placed a fifth part of the issue.

In the sector of secondary trading in the company held on 24 deals for a total amount of 4.3 million soms (+41%). 70% of the volume of the sector took 4 deals with common shares of “Kyrgyztelecom” OJSC in the amount of 3 million soms, the total number of shares in transactions accounted for nearly 1% of the shares of the companies. As a result of the deals the share price of the companies decreased by 0.50 kgs, the tender was for the price of 3 catfish per share. The auction was conducted last week with shares of a number of strathspey, including JSC “Bishkekteploset” (0.1 million som), JSC “vostokelectro” (0.03 million com), JSC “Jalalabadelectro” (0.1 million som) and JSC “Oshelectro” (0.1 million som), the results of which shares “Heating” cost as in the auction the previous week 0,07 kgs, and shares of energy companies lost in the price of 0,01 som, price was 0.02 catfish for instance. 1 transaction in the amount of 0.5 was recorded with a simple obligatii OJSC “Financial company of credit unions”, the value of the shares has not changed (at 1.08 som per copy). We also conducted transactions with shares of companies such as JSC “Bishkek cargo ATP”, JSC “Wetlands”, JSC “Saudagar”, JSC AIF “Justicenet”, shares of which became the leader of growth in the value of the period up to 13 kgs (+8 p.) and JSC “Cyzd – Kiya PATP”, the shares of which, on the contrary, become the leader of the falling value, down to 1.50 kgs (-2,20 S.).

The sector listing. 96% of the total trading volume for the week amounted to transactions in listed securities, including 7 transactions with shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset” and “Kyrgyztelecom” OJSC in the amount of 3.1 million soms, and 9 bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” in the amount of 24.4 million kgs. The total volume of trades in listed securities for the week amounted to 27.5 million kgs.