Trading information for the period from 29 may to 2 June 2017.

The corporate securities market

From the period from 29 may to 2 June at the site of KASE was 9 transactions totaling 694,3 million soms in securities of 4 companies. 99% of the total volume of deals with shares, with respect to the previous trading period, the trading volume increased by 85%. A positive impact on the bidding had open a deal with the shares of JSC “UBG” invest in the primary market, the volume of which amounted to 692,5 million soms, thereby taking a share of 99.7% of the total weekly trading volume.

The primary and secondary market

In the primary market offering of securities was carried out by two companies, including JSC “UBG invest”, which placed 12th issue of shares, and OAO Trading house “Min Turkun”, which continues to place the newly registered second issue of bonds. The total volume of trading in the primary market amounted to 694,2 million soms. JSC “UBG invest” in the framework of the resolutions of the Annual General meeting of shareholders, placed 12-th additional issue of shares worth 692,5 million soms placed 692 500 shares at par value of 1,000 kgs. According to the decision of the stock issue was placed by closed method by personal offers. Trading house “Min Turkun” continues the placement of corporate bonds of the second issue, according to the trades last week the company’s bonds are placed in amount of 1.7 million kgs. The total volume of the issue amounts to 120.0 million soms, two of the trading period since the beginning of the sale of bonds sold for the sum of 5.8 million kgs.

In the sector of the secondary market carried out all 3 transactions in the amount of 0.11 million soms. 1 transaction in the amount of 0.10 million kgs recorded with bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” for the nominal price of 1,000 kgs. The other two deals were made with shares of the company, 1 of which shares of OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, 1 deal with ordinary shares of OJSC Commercial Bank “Kyrgyzstan”. As a result of transactions of shares of the company have not changed in price, 4 catfish traded shares “Kyrgyztelecom”, 7.5 kgs stock Bank “Kyrgyzstan”

Almost 100% of the fixed deals held in listed securities, as in the official list of the exchange included the shares of OJSC “UBG invest” – a deal which held at $ 692,5 million soms, the shares of “Kyrgyztelecom” OJSC and bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” whose transactions carried out in the amount of 1.8 million soms. The total volume of trades in listed securities for the week amounted to 694,3 million soms.