Trading information for the period from 17 to 21 July 2017.

From 17 to 21 July in the trade system of KASE was 14 transactions with securities 8 companies for a total amount of 2.4 million kgs. The largest share of trading volume accounted for the sector of secondary trading, which showed a positive trend due to the growth in trading volume of shares of a company. The primary sector, as well as trades in bonds on the secondary market passed in a negative zone. The primary market due to the lack of placing of additional share issues of companies decreased by 100%, the most affecting the total value of trading.

The primary and secondary market.

The primary market registered deals only with the placement of corporate bonds of the second issue of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun”, total volume amounted to 0.9 million soms. Compared to the previous period the sector lost 99% of the volume in the absence of transactions with shares of companies.

In the sector of secondary trades for the period were 9 transactions totaling 1.5 million soms. 62% of trading volume took the deal with ordinary shares of CJSC “Kyrgyz stock exchange” in the amount of 0.9 million soms, the share price was at the level of the nominal value in the amount of 48 000 kgs.

Recorded bond transactions of the two companies, including JSC Microfinance company “Salym Finance” and JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” totaling 0.2 million soms bonds “Min Turkun” traded at a price of par value bond price “Salym Finance” exceeded the face value 16,50 kgs.

2 deals were registered with shares of energy companies of JSC “Russian Jalalabadelectro” and JSC “Oshelectro” for a total amount of 0.1 million soms, according to the results of trades of stock “Oshelectro” has not changed in price promotions “, Jalalabadelectro” grown up soma to 0.03 (+0.01 s.)

In addition to the above transactions conducted transactions with shares of JSC “UBG invest”, JSC “Aigul” (Bishkek) and OJSC “Financial company of credit unions, a stock which has risen to 1.30 kgs (0,13 S.)

Sector listing

50% of the total trading volume for the week amounted to transactions in listed securities, among which 1 deal with the shares of JSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 0.1 million som, and 7 deals with bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” and JSC Microfinance company “Salym Finance” in the amount of 1.1 million soms. The total volume of trades in listed securities for the week stood at 1.2 million soms.