Trading information for the period from 12 to 17 June 2017.

Last week, the trading volume increased by 92%, there were 27 transactions with public and corporate securities totaling 102.1 million soms.

In the primary market was registered 8 transactions with securities 3 company totaling 95,0 million soms. 95% of the trading volume in the primary market took the deal on the placement of shares 12-th issue of the JSC “Capital Bank of Central Asia” for the sum of 90.0 million soms. The sale of bonds of the second issue of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun”, last week which recorded 6 deals worth $ 4.5 million soms.

June 15, started selling of bonds a micro-Finance company “Alma credit”, the first issue of which was in the amount of 50.0 million soms. The nominal price of the bond is kgs 1 000, the rate of return of 19% per annum. For the first trading period, company’s bonds are placed in amount of 0.4 million soms.

In the sector of secondary auction for the company conducted 19 transactions totaling $ 7.1 million soms. 97% of trading sector took the 2 transactions with State Treasury bonds with 5 year maturity in the amount of 6.9 million soms. 1 held at a price 92,04 catfish, 1 deal at a price 98,96 som for gobabygo.

Shares of strathspey in the sector held 5 transactions in the amount of 0.07 million som, of which 2 with common shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset” and JSC “Severelektro”, 1 deal with the shares of OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”

1 deal in the sector held by the bond Trading house “Min Turkun”. The number of transactions in the secondary market are recorded with shares of companies, including such as JSC “Antibiotics” investment Fund “Bereke — invest”, JSC “Bishkektalas”, JSC “TSUM Aichurek”, etc.

The sector listing.

5% of fixed deals progeny listed securities, among them 6 transactions with shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset”, OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, JSC “Severelektro”, JSC “Uchkun” for a total of 0.07 million som, and 8 transactions in corporate bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” and CJSC MFC “Almaty Credit” for a total amount of 5.0 million kgs. the total volume of trades in listed securities for the week amounted to 5.8 million som.