Trading information for the period from 10 to 14 July 2017.

From 10 to 14 July in the trade system of KASE was 31 deals with securities of 9 companies, totaling 145.2 million soms. 99% of trading volume accounted for the primary market, sections of which were deals for placement of shares of the fourth issue of OJSC “Russian investment Bank” bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” as a result of the growth in the primary auction compared to the previous trading period was more than 80%. In the secondary market, on the contrary, the trading volume decreased by 71% due to the decline in trading volume in the shares of companies.

In the primary market offering of securities conducted 2 companies – JSC “Russian investment Bank” and OJSC Trade house “Min Turkun”, the total trading volume of the sector amounted to 144.0 dt million soms.

JSC “Rosinbank” last week posted a fourth additional issue of ordinary shares in the amount of 135.0 million soms, the shares placed at a price of par value – 100 som for instance.

The sale of bonds of the second issue of the Trading house “Turkun Min”, the volume of which last week amounted to 9.0 million kgs, compared to the previous period decreased by 63%. However, since the sale in may of this year, is 57% of the bond.

In the sector of secondary trades for the period were 11 transactions for a total amount of 1.2 million kgs. 56% of trading volume took 2 trades in corporate bonds, 1 bond of Microfinance companies “Salym Finance”.

4 deals in the sector made in shares of strathspey, 2 of which are shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset” in the amount of 0, 07 million soms at the price of 0,07 kgs / share and 2 deals with the shares of OJSC “Manas international airport” in the amount of 0.07 million soms, at the end of the last transaction value of the shares amounted to 69 kgs (-2,5 kgs).

1 deal in the sector recorded with three investment Fund “Justicenet”, in which their value has decreased to 10 kgs (-3 C.). The leader of growth in the value of the week were ordinary shares of JSC “Kyrgyzkomur”, 1 transaction which is recorded in the volume of 0.13 million soms at the price of 575 kgs (-75 C.). for instance. Ended a positive week for the stock of OJSC “Financial company of credit unions”, the volume of trading which amounted to 0.03 million soms and by the end of the last transaction price is made up 1.17 kgs. (-0,09 PP.).

The sector listing.

99% of the total trading volume for the week amounted to transactions in listed securities, including 20 transactions with shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset”, OJSC “Manas international airport” and JSC “Rosinbank” in the amount of 135,1 million soms, and 6 bonds of JSC Trading house “Min Turkun”, JSC “Microfinance company “Salym Finance” and LLC “Ayu” in the amount of 9.7 million soms.

The total volume of trades in listed securities for the week amounted to 144.8 million million soms.