Review KSE trading from 30 May to 3 June 2016

Last week 137 transactions totaling 381.90 million soms with the number of securities of 25,699,079 copies of 7 companies were registered in the trade system of KSE. Big transaction with shares of OAO “Optima Bank” and ZAO “Financial Company of Credit Unions” were conducted, followed by corporate bonds and equities.

The primary and secondary market.

In the sector of trading in the primary market 122 transactions in the amount of 369, 06 million soms with the securities of 3 companies were carried out for a week  , including:. OAO “Optima Bank”, ZAO “Financial Company of Credit Unions” and OAO Trading House Ming Turkun “.

Allocation of corporate bonds of the first issue of ZAO Trading House Min Turkun with profit of 22% per annually is continuing. Last week the amount of sales amounted to 0, 38 million soms, having increased relatively to previous trades at 36, 72%.