Review KSE trading from 1 to 4 September 2015

The first week of the fall at the site KSE ended the growth of the trading volume in the secondary market to 57.52% in total over the past period in the trading system, there were 18 deals amounting to 2 667.68 thousand soms.

Most of the trading volume came in the shares of companies in the section of the secondary market trading, compared to the previous period, an increase of 92.89%, the volume of trades in the bonds on the contrary, decreased by 86.32%. Since a large proportion of tradable shares is not included in the official list of the Exchange, a leader in trading volume appeared unlisted sector.

Primary and secondary market

On the primary market for the week placements took place, the whole trading volume is concentrated in sections of the secondary market, 28 transactions were carried out on a total of 2 667.68 thousand soms.

With the highest volume in the sector, occupying 2/3 of the volume of trading in the week, held one deal in common shares of “Kadam”, which resulted in a change of ownership of a large stake in the company at a rate of 5.52%, the transaction amount 1 974.10 thousand. catfish at 100 som per share. Common shares of “machine-station” recorded 3 transactions in the amount of 267.40 thousand soms, the price per share was 7.32 soms. 10 KGS traded shares of JSC “Bishkek Machine Building Plant”, the total transaction amount of 70.0 thousand soms, and became the leader of the company’s shares fall the week, dropping the price to 10 som (15C.) Per share.

2 transactions were registered common shares of the investment fund “Bereke-Invest” in the amount of 73.65 Som Som 1.49 per share, from previous transactions cost of the company’s shares increased by 0.99 soms.

In addition to these transactions, in smaller quantities to conduct operations with the ordinary shares of JSC “Forty years of October”, OJSC “Financial Company of Credit Unions”, OJSC “Aigul” and others. The largest growth week were common shares of JSC “Kant Cement Factory”, the cost of which was It fixed at 151.0 soms, which is higher than the value of previously concluded deals at 142.93 catfish.

With the company’s bonds was conducted in all three transactions, of which 2 with bonds LLC “Ayu” in the amount of 73.80 thousand soms and 1 deal with the bonds of LLC “Company Roskazmet” amounting to 61.16 som / at the end of which the bonds’ Ayu “showed a decrease in the average market value of up to 900 soms (-47,29s.), and the bonds of LLC” Company Roskazmet “the average price increased to 5 097.22 soms (+ 53,39s.) per copy.