Review KSE trading from 01 July to 31 July 2016

From  1  July  to 31 July on the trading platform of CJSC “Kyrgyz Stock Exchange” CJSC “Zaman” were conducting  55 transactions in the amount of 128,972 597.1 soms  with shares of 11 companies in the secondary market sector .

The largest numbers of transactions, namely 30, were registered with shares of OJSC “Kara-Baltinskiy kombinat kommunalnyh predpriyatiy” in the amount of 321 298 soms 4 soms per share.  The issuer JSC “UBG Invest”, whose volume of transactions amounted to 119.875 million 1 000 soms per share, took the leading position on the amount of transactions. Then the trade with the shares of OJSC “FinanceCreditBank CC” in the amount of 7,636,356 soms 0,28 som per share took also the leading position. In addition, big trade with the shares of OJSC “Financial Company of Credit Unions” was registered in the total amount of 878,900 soms for 1.13 soms per share.

JSC “Zaman” actively continues to make trades in Osh city, where 13 transactions are registered in this period. 4 transactions were conducted with shares of JSC “Bolot” in the amount of 448 soms, 1 trade with shares of JSC “Zhibek Zholy” in the amount of 1691.5 soms, in the amount of 3330 soms 3 trades were conducted with the shares of JSC “Oshskoe PNU”, 3 transactions in the amount of 2 363 soms  with shares of JSC Sapar. The transaction in the amount of 340 KGS soms  with shares of JSC “Sulyuktashahtakurulush”  was registered as the smallest in terms of trades volume, and the transaction with the shares of JSC “Osh – Djubek” in the amount of 244 620 soms was registered as the biggest.