Information about the auction from 24 to 28 April 2017

The corporate securities market.

On the Kyrgyz Stock Exchange last week registered 8 transactions with securities of 5 companies totaling over 139.0 million soms. Compared to the previous trading period, the trading volume increased by 24%. a significant impact on the results of the auction had a listing of the ordinary shares of JSC “UBG invest”, the amount of transactions in which more than 25% compared to the previous period.

Bonds showed a negative dinamico trading by reducing the volume of IFC “Salym Finance” in the housing sector and lack of transactions in the sections of secondary market.

The primary and secondary market. In the primary market during the period was registered transactions on placement of bonds of the second issue of JSC Microfinance company “Salym Finance”, which spent 3 transactions totaling $ 1.2 million soms (-25%). As at the end of the trading period located approximately 29% of the bond.

In the sector of trading in the secondary market held on 5 transactions worth kzt137. 8 million soms. 99.9% of the volume of the sector has taken 2 trades in common shares of OJSC “UBG” invest, trading volume amounted to 137.7 million som, price on transactions recorded at the level of 1000 kgs. Compared to the previous period volume of transactions with shares increased by 33.6 million kgs (24%).

One deal in the sector recorded in common shares of OJSC Kyrgyzneftegaz, the results of which the share price of companies remained at the same price level 50 kgs per piece running just one deal was made with stocks of JSC “AK-maral” and JSC “Khan Tengri”, which according to the results of trades have increased in price: the shares of “AK-maral” has grown up to 3.0 kgs(+0.24), and shares “Khan-Tengri” were traded at a price of 150 kgs (+20,67 S.) for instance.

Sector listing

5 trades that took 99% of the total trading volume represented securities listed companies , 2 of which were recorded in common shares of OJSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 137.7 million som, and 3 trades with bonds of JSC Microfinance company “Salym Finance” in the amount of 1.2 million kgs. The total volume of trading in securities of listed companies amounted to 138,9 million soms.
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