Information about the auction from 2 to 4 may 2017

The corporate securities market.

In a short trading period from 2 to 4 may in the trading system of KSE was only 3 transactions 317,8 million soms securities of the three companies, in relation to the previous trading period, the trading volume increased by 56%.

In the primary market were carried out one transaction for placement of shares of the second issue of OJSC “Republican production Association of radio relay highways, television and broadcasting” in the amount of 289.1 million soms, was placed 289 090 shares at a price of 1000 soms per copy.

In the sector of the secondary market carried out two deals amounting to 28.7 million kgs. 97% of the volume of the sector was occupied by the transaction with ordinary shares of JSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 27.9 million soms, the stock price for the transaction amounted to 1000 kgs.
1 transaction have been registered with ordinary shares of OJSC “Financial company of credit unions” in the amount of 0.8 million kgs, for the price of 1 som per share.