Information about the auction from 15th-19th may 2017.

The corporate securities market

For the past period the volume of trading, the KSE amounted to 50.0 million soms (+79%), there were 89 transactions with securities 8 of the company. The bulk of trading was conducted on the primary sector of trading, the week up 90% compared to the previous period, a significant rise of this sector was affected by further issues of shares, which are placed by OJSC “Bakai Bank” and OJSC “Financial company of credit unions”

The secondary market is also characterized by a positive dynamism at the expense of growth of volume of trading in shares and bonds of companies.

The primary and secondary market.

In the housing sector last week, there were 108 transactions totaling 27.6 million som. traded securities of the three companies. Like last year, after the annual General meeting of shareholders of financial companies increase the authorized capital by placing additional shares due to the dividends accrued at year-end. This step helps banks to increase their Charter capital to meet the regulations of the national Bank on the capital, which until July 1, 2017 shall be 600,0 million soms. on 200.0 million soms more standard in 2015. Last week the eighteenth additional issue of shares placed OJSC “Bakai Bank” in the amount of 18.4 million kgs. shares placed at a price of par value, which is 47 kgs. According to the financial otchetnostej for the first quarter of the current year the authorized capital of the Bank is 482,8 million soms. Sixth additional issue of shares was placed OJSC “Financial company of credit unions”, at the annual meeting of shareholders, which was decided to place the shares at a price of 1 som to the amount of 9.8 million soms, according to the trading results of the last period of the shares of the issue was placed in the amount of 8.1 million kgs.

Bonds in the sector placed only 1 company IFF “Salym Finance”, this week sold 1 152 bonds for a total amount of 1.1 million soms. The volume of bonds decreased by 57%.

In the sector of secondary trades conducted 12 transactions in the amount of 22.3 million kgs. 97% of the sector took 3 trades with common shares of JSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 21.6 million soms. the stock price for the transaction amounted to 1 000 kgs. 5 transactions totaling $ 0.3 million kgs made in shares of JSC “reinforced Concrete”, JSC “AK-maral”, JSC “Akula” (p. Kerben) and OJSC “Financial company of credit unions” 4 deals in the sector progeny bonds LLC “Ayu” for a total amount of 0.3 million kgs, bonds were traded at a price above face value, while the minimum price was fixed at the level of the 1 020 kgs, maximum at 1 025 kgs, nominal bond is kgs 1 000.

Of the total trading volume of 46% was occupied by transactions with securities of listed companies, 3 of them deal with simple shares of OJSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 21.6 million som, 9 for bonds of OJSC IFC “Salym Finance” and LLC “AYU” in the amount of 1.5 million soms.
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