Analytics for November 2016

Analytics for November 2016.

The corporate securities market

Following last weeks trading volume was registered at KASE transactions amounted to 40.3 million soms, having decreased compared to the previous period 60.1%, there were 27 transactions in securities of 10 companies. Negative impact on the total volume of trading had a sector of the secondary market, particular transactions with shares of companies that not been large-volume transactions, as a result, the sector declined by 69.8% in. Positively been a week for corporate bonds, the growth of accommodation which increased by 85,56%

By sector listing the leaders at the end of trading week was paper official list of the exchange.

The government securities market

21 November in the trade system of KASE was 1 transaction for the sale on the secondary market of State’s Treasury bonds with a maturity period of 5 years in the number 38 of 200 copies at $ 3.3 million soms. Following the transaction, the market value of government bonds fell by 1.1 som, amounting to 86 kgs for instance.

The primary and secondary market