Information of trading with 13 to 17 February 2017.

The corporate securities market

Over the past period in the trade system of KASE there were 53 transactions 180,3 million soms securities of 11 companies. Relative to previous period, trading volume increased by 134.1 million soms, the volume growth occurred in the sectors of trading the primary market, mainly as a result of increased volume of placement of corporate bonds of CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank”, as well as the secondary market, the transactions in large volume of shares of listed companies, OAO “UBG”invest.

In the sector of trading of the secondary market carried out 34 transactions in the amount of 138.6 million soms.

99% of the secondary sector took 4 deals with common shares of JSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 136.6 million soms. also the volume can allocate 1 deal with ordinary shares of OJSC “Mayak” in the amount of 1.7 million kgs at the price of 8 soms per share. Shares of strathspey was 8 transactions totaling $ 0.05 million som, of which 7 shares of OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, 1 deal with the shares of OJSC “Manas international airport”, in the transactions cost of shares has not changed.

Recorded transactions in common and preferred shares of JSC “TSUM Aichurek” 4 deals with preference shares, 12 trades in common shares, the total trading volume amounted to 0,16 million soms at the price of 50 som per share.

1 deal in the sector made in common shares of OJSC Commercial Bank “Kyrgyzstan” in the amount of 750 soms in which the price of the stock has declined to 7.50 som (-2,50 S.).

Sector listing

99% of the trading volume for the week amounted to transactions with securities of listed companies, the total amount of trading which is equal 178.4 million kgs. Registered 31 deals, 12 of which shares of OJSC “Kyrgyztelecom”, JSC “Manas international airport” and JSC “UBG invest”, and 19 transactions in corporate bonds of CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank”, JSC IFC “Salym Finance” and JSC Trading house “Min Turkun”.

Index and Capitalization

As of 17 February, the KSE index was at the level of 487,21 points without changing its value relative to the closing trades of the previous period.

Relative to the level a month ago, the KSE index is below to 8.42 points in comparison to values for the year is higher by 137,13 points. The volume of trading in securities of the companies included in base of calculation of index for the week amounted to 178.4 million kgs, and the capitalization of listed companies for the week has not changed, amounted to 16,97 billion soms.