Trading information for the period from 6 to 10 February 2017.

The corporate securities market

Last week ended with lower overall trading volume by 47% in the trading system of Kyrgyz Stock Exchange was 30 transactions in the amount of 46.2 million soms securities 11 company.

Influenced the end of the week reduction in trading volume occurred in the primary market, due to the fact that were not registered transactions on placement of the company’s shares, in contrast to the previous period, and the total volume of placement of corporate bonds decreased by 82%, as it decreased the amount of accommodation bond Trading house “Min Turkun” and “Salym Finance” and ended with the placement of bonds of “AYU”. Despite the growth in the volume of floatation of bonds of CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank” 2.6 million soms, the primary market ended the period in the red zone. In contrast to the primary sector, the secondary, on the contrary, added in the amount of almost 100%, was affected by two transactions in common shares of OJSC “UBG”invest.

The primary market

The placement of corporate bonds in the primary market is conducted 3 companies: CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank”, JSC Microfinance company “Salym Finance” and JSC Trading house “Min Turkun” in aggregate the total volume of trading on the primary market amounted to 7.4 million kgs.

Sector listing

Transactions in listed securities during the period under review amounted to 98% of the total trading volume, the largest of which 2 deals with common shares of JSC “UBG invest” in the amount of 38.2 million soms. Also participated in the auction of shares of JSC “Bishkekteploset”, JSC “Kyrgyztelecom” and JSC “Electric stations”. In the trade with the bonds involved three companies, including CJSC “Kyrgyz investment and credit Bank”, JSC IFC “Salym Finance” and JSC TD “Min Turkun”, the total amount of trading which amounted to 7.4 million kgs.