Overview of trading on November 28 to December 2

Corporation securities market

Last week the volume of trades on KASE site totaled 19.5 million soms, having decreased from the previous trading period at 55.14%, all were carried out 19 transactions with securities of 8 companies. Like last week, a negative trend was observed in the secondary market sector, which has had a major impact on the final volume of trades. Although carried out in the sector deal with the 5-year Treasuries, because of stock trading and the reduction of corporate bond sector companies of the secondary market fell for the week by 85%

In the black was still the primary market, as a result of growth in volume of placement of bonds of CJSC “Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank” sector added 10% to the previous index.

Primary and secondary market

in the primary market recorded transactions only with corporate bonds, whose placement was performed three companies: CJSC “Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank” JSC Trading House “Min Turkun” and JSC Microfinance Company “Salym Finance”. Total registered 11 deals worth a total of 15.3 million soms. In 87.8% increased volume of placement of corporate bonds of CJSC “Kyrgyz Investment and Credit Bank”, 14 100 bonds at a price of 100 soms were sold last week for a total amount of 14.1 million soms respectively, a record weekly volume of placement of bonds in the Bank release. the fourth issue of the Bonds placed from September this year.

Continues “Min Turkun” Trading house for sale of bonds ( “A thousand little things”), for the previous trading period, company bonds were placed in the amount of 805 copies and costs 1000 soms for the sum of 0.8 million soms.

Bonds Microfinance Companies “Salym Finance” for the week attracted 0.4 million som, located 418 bonds at a price of 1000 soms per copy.